Dell Inspiron Mini 10 SSD Swap

Used Norton Ghost 14.0. Just use “copy drive” function. **important**….if this is going to be a new primary hard drive for your computer do NOT assign it a drive letter, keep it blank! This is the easiest way to clone your hard drive and literally “pop” new drive into laptop or computer and work immediately.

Just got a Dell Mini in the mail, atom CPU with a gig of RAM and 120gigs HDD. It’s pretty snappy but content-rich websites tend to bog it down. I’m giving it to my nephew so I installed Dansguardian, tinyproxy, firehol and some other stuff to keep his browsing in check (he’s like 9.. or 10? sigh…)

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21 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron Mini 10 SSD Swap

  1. thanks! I needed to take out the hard drive so I could recover a partition. Didn’t know it was from the keyboard side, thanks a lot!

  2. Thanks for the tips :) , Sisters laptops Hard drive failed yet again and the warrentee’s out now :x . Saved me alot of trouble, sticky pads were a pain for the keyboard tho

  3. @shaolinwayz As far as I know, the ram on the Dell mini 1010′s mobo is soldered in. Perhaps you’re thinking of the Mini 10v?

  4. Hey my friend. My wife and I thank you for taking the time to make the on line community a better place.

  5. He states that you cannot upgrade the RAM. Yes you can upgrade the RAM. You have to flip the mobo upside down once you remove it from the unit. It isn’t easy, but it is possible.

  6. @Maximzodal You were taken for a ride; there are a half dozen ways to fix this problem without paying Dell for a new drive.

  7. You don’t have to buy norton ghost just use a redobackup live cd it’s a free download and burn to cd from redobackup org. It works better than any other backup software I’ve used and it will do many different kinds of backup including disk cloning.

  8. @Maximzodal – You don’t need a replacement drive because of a forgotten password. Gosh Dell is stupid…

  9. @Maximzodal – You don’t need a replacement drive because of a forgotten password. Gosh Dell is stupid.

  10. @nemesis8722 Usually Yes, the moment you need to use a screwdriver to access something you void the warranty.

  11. hi, i have an inspiron mini 10v ubuntu version, with a 8gb ssd, can i remove the ssd, and replace it with a 160 or 500 gb sata hd?

  12. Great video, very helpful – however, I’d caution anyone doing this to use the little drive tray that their original drive was in. In the video, he states it’s not needed. I didn’t think so, either, and after about a week my Kingston SSD drive worked its way loose enough that the netbook wouldn’t boot. I had to crack it back open and install the drive tray (which has a little screw to hold the drive in place). YMMV on if you need the drive tray.

  13. Learn from my mistake!! First, thanks for the video. I followed it and the drive is installed and working, BUT – I discovered that my Mini10 has a snap fit on each side of the keyboard. I removed the screws but, when trying to pop out the keyboard, I apparently twisted the assembly. After installing the SSD and reassembling the Mini, I found that a number of the keys had quit working. I took the keyboard out again and the aluminum plate that forms the back is visually uneven.

  14. Blue screen of death required HD replacement. Took only a few minutes after watching your video. THANK YOU!

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